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About Muscle Unwind

Massage is for absolutely EVERYONE….. even what we call a Sports Massage! I love working with clients from all backgrounds whether it’s for a feel-good treatment, part of a maintenance plan or remedial treatment for an injury. My goal is to have every client feel better after every treatment.

I am fascinated with being able to look at a body or how someone moves and being able to initially assess what might be wrong….. from seemingly-simple postural issues, to repetitive strain from holding a computer mouse through to the classic sports injuries. I believe that no-one should have to live with pain.


A bit more about me:

I like travelling, adventure, delicious food, hiking and generally enjoying life! I love living in London but also like to get away camping or any road-trips really!

I have always loved massage as a way to live pain-free. I love being able to help someone through injuries or those constant annoying pains. Life is meant to be lived, with a body that can help you get there!


Qualifications:           LSSM Dip. BTec Dip.                                                  MISRM.

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